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ECW TV APRIL 1993 2nd Gen VG-EX 4 hrs
ECW TV 4.6.93
-ECW is introduced for the first time on Sports Channel
-Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert interview
1. The Hell Riders vs. Super Destroyers (c.) (ECW Tag Team Championship)
-Terry Funk introduces a Sandman video
-ECW TV Title tournament rankings
2. "Wildman" Bellomo vs. Tommy Cairo (ECW TV Title Tournament)
3. Tony Stetson vs. Rockin' Rebel
-Rockin' Rebel interview
-Jimmy Snuka/Eddie Gilbert interview
4. Jimmy Snuka vs. Larry Winters (ECW TV Title Tournament)

ECW TV 4.13.93
-Terry Funk/Eddie Gilbert interview
1. Johnny Hotbody vs. Glenn Osbourne (ECW TV Title Tournament)
-Glenn Osbourne interview
2. Samoan Warrior/Chris Michaels vs. Larry Winters/Tony Stetson
-Winters/Stetson interview
-Sandman video
-Terry Funk interviews the Sandman
3. The Sandman (c.) vs. The Kodiak Bear (ECW Heavyweight Title)
4. J.T. Smith vs. Eddie Gilbert (ECW TV Title Tournament)
5. Tommy Cairo vs. Super Ninja (JIP)

ECW TV 4.20.93
-Terry Funk/Eddie Gilbert interview
1. The Super Destroyers (c.) vs. Super Ninja/Canadian Wolfman (ECW Tag Team Titles)
-Eddie Gilbert attacks Terry Funk
2. Jimmy Snuka vs. Tommy Cairo (ECW TV Title Quarterfinals)
-Eddie Gilbert/Jimmy Snuka interview
3. Glenn Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert (ECW TV Title Quarterfinals)
-Terry Funk interview
-Rockin' Rebel interview
4. Rockin' Rebel vs. The Sandman (c.) (ECW Heavyweight Title)
5. Glenn Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka (ECW TV Title Finals)
-Jimmy Snuka becomes the first ECW TV Title champion

ECW TV 4.27.93
-Super Destroyers interview
1. Super Destroyers (c.) vs. Larry Winters/Tony Stetson (ECW Tag Team Titles)
2. Glenn Osbourne vs. "Wildman" Sal Bellomo
-The match above doesn't take place, as Eddie Gilbert comes to the ring for an interview with Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka
-Johnny Hotbody/Chris Candido interview
3. Tommy Cairo/J.T. Smith vs. The Suicide Blondes (Hotbody/Candido. Debut)
-Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka interview
4. The Hell Riders vs. Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka
5. The Sandman vs. Rockin' Rebel (JIP)

ECW TV MAY 1993 2nd Gen VG-EX 4 hrs
ECW TV 5.4.93
-Terry Funk interview. Hilarious!
1. J.T. Smith/Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert/Don Muraco
-Paul E. Dangerously interview with Hot Stuff International
2. Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters/Tony Stetson
-Sal Bellomo interview
3. Sal Bellomo vs. The Sandman
-Rockin' Rebel interview
4. Rockin' Rebel vs. Ernesto Benefico
-Johnny Hotbody/Chris Candido (Suicide Blondes) interview
5. Johnny Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo

ECW TV 5.11.93
-Highlights of Rockin' Rebel taking out The Sandman with his surfboard
-Paul E. Dangerously interview
-Awesome interview with Terry Funk putting a dummy of Gilbert into a tractor, and then running over it.
1. Super Destroyers (c.) vs. Tommy Cairo/Larry Winters (Hair vs. Title)
2. Eddie Gilbert/Jimmy Snuka vs. J.T. Smith/Max Thrasher
-Sal Bellomo interview
3. Canadian Wolfman vs. Sal Bellomo
4. Johnny Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo
5. Rockin' Rebel vs. The Sandman

ECW TV 5.18.93
1. Super Destroyers (c.) vs. Tommy Cairo/Larry Winters (ECW Tag Team Titles)
2. Jimmy Snuka/Eddie Gilbert vs. J.T. Smith/Max Thrasher
-Suicide Blondes interview
3. Suicide Blondes vs. Larry Winters/Tommy Cairo (c.) (ECW Tag Team Titles)
4. Don Muraco vs. Glen Osbourne
5. The Sandman (c.) vs. Rockin' Rebel (ECW Heavyweight Title)

ECW TV 5.25.93
1. Super Destroyer #3 (Sal Bellomo) vs. H.D. Rider
2. Suicide Blondes vs. Larry Winters/Tommy Cairo (c.) (ECW Tag Team Titles. Return match)
3. Don Muraco vs. Ernesto Benefico
-Terry Funk interview at Double Cross Ranch
4. Canadian Wolfman/Max Thrasher vs. J.T. Smith/Tommy Cairo
5. Glen Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka

BEST OF ECW VOL.1 2nd Gen VG-EX 1hr
1. Damien Stone vs. Tommy Cairo
2. "Wildman" Sal Bellomo vs. Jim Neidhart
3. Super Destroyers vs. Nightbreed (For the vacant ECW World Tag Team Titles)
4. Jimmy Snuka vs. Johnny Hotbody (c.) (ECW Heavyweight Title)

BEST OF ECW VOL.2 2nd Gen VG-EX 1hr
1. Tony Stetson vs. Johnny Hotbody
2. Kodiak Bear/Canadian Wolfman vs. The Hellriders
3. Tommy Cairo vs. Ivan Koloff (Russian Chain Match)
4. Tony Stetson vs. "Wildman" Sal Bellomo (Lumberjack Match)

BEST OF ECW VOL. 3 2nd Gen VG-EX 1hr
1. Tommy Cairo vs. King Kahlua
2. Jimmy Jannetty/Larry Winters vs. Super Destroyers (c.) (ECW Tag Team Titles)
-Glen Osbourne interview
-Jimmy Snuka interview
3. Glen Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka
4. Kodiak Bear vs. The Sandman (c.) (ECW Heavyweight Title. First ever title defense)

1. Super Destroyer #1 vs. Jimmy Snuka (A really ODD match, as both men fight all over the place, and they even fight in a SWIMMING POOL!)
2. Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muraco
3. Jimmy Snuka vs. Tony Stetson
4. Jimmy Snuka vs. J.T. Smith

ECW TV TAPE #5 1 Shows 61-66 1st VG-EX 6hrs                         
*There is a slight problem with audio during the first episode
1. Sandman vs. Tommy Cairo (Falls Count Anywhere)
2. Sandman/Public Enemy/Scorpio/JT/Paul E. interviews
3. Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio (great match)
4. Cactus interview, great
5. Taz vs. Pitbull
6. Sandman vs. Tommy Cairo (Woman is there, wild)
7. Pitbull & Jason/Douglas & Hughes interviews and video
8. Pitbull vs. Mikey Whipwreck (Taz & Rebel come in)
9. Public Enemy vs. scrub (the scrubs run away and the Rottens return witha great surprise attack, bloody)
10. Enemy interview as they steal a car, great/Paul E. & Sabu/Cactus interviews
11. Funks vs. scrubs
12. Clips of Funks vs. Enemy (Hostile City Showdown)
13. Clips of Cactus vs. Sabu
14. Douglas & Hughes vs. Bruise Brothers (Cage, bloody)
15. Paul E./Cactus interview, his best ever, this is when he throws away the WCW belt
16. Funks/Enemy interviews
17. Public Enemy vs. Phi Delta Slam
18. Cairo & Peaches interview, clips of Canning match
19. 911 vs. Tommy Cairo (Sandman attacks him, great)
20. Pitbull vs. Mikey Whipwreck (Taz come in)
21. Paul E./Cactus/Bruises interviews
22. Douglas interview
23.  Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer (Hughes come in)
24. Public Enemy vs. Funks (clips)
25. Hughes and 911 altercation
26. Douglas challenges Hogan, Bret Hart and Flair, great
27. Taz vs. Jimmy Snuka (Pitbulls come in)
28. Sandman vs. Mikey Whipwreck (Cairo comes in, great)
29. Public Enemy & Hack Meyers interview, funny
30. Public Enemy & Hack vs. Funks & Dreamer (everyone comes in and brawls)
31. Sabu vs. Chad Austin
32. Sandman vs. Mikey Whipwreck (everyone comes in and Sandman beats the hell out of them with the cane)
33. Funks vs. scrubs
34. Cactus interview, great
35. Tommy Dreamer vs. Shane Douglas (Dreamer was a bloody mess from getting attacked with the cane earlier)

ECW TV TAPE #9 Shows 79-82 1st Gen EX 4hrs
1. Douglas blasts Ric Flair, Doink interview, great
2. Myers vs. Scorpio
3. Public Enemy/Paul E. interview, clip of Subu vs. Cactus, great
4. Jason interview from his house, funny
5. Myers vs. Cairo (Dreamer comes in and attacks Cairo)
6. Benoit vs. Taz
7. Paul E. interview, show clips of Sabu vs. Benoit where Sabu spits up blood
8. Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed (Baseball Bat match, bloody)
9. Public Enemy video and interview
10. Dreamer interview/ECW Novembert Rain video
11. Douglas interviews/ECW Novebert Rain video
12. Cairo vs. Dreamer (November to Remember, great brawl)
13. Sandman press conference as he turns heel again and attacks Dreamer, great angle, must see
14. Dreamer interview, he's all scared up from the caring he got/Sandman & Woman interview
15. Scorpio vs. Hughes (November to Remember)
16. Douglas vs. Ron Simmons (Clip, Scorpio comes in and attacks Shane)
17. Dougals interview and announces Steve Austin as his partner
18. Simmons & Scropio interview/Clips of Sabu jumping Public Enemy
19. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (Bat match, title change, from November to Remember)
20. Public Enemy/Cactus interview about Sullivan
21. Paul E. interview, shows clips of Sabu almost breaking his neck from match vs. Benoit, sick bump
22. Sandman & Woman interview and great video
23. Simmons & Scorpio/911 chokeslamming the guitar player
24. Douglar interview

ECW TV TAPE #12 1st Gen VG-EX 4hrs
1. Raven video and interview
2. Paul Lauria vs.Mikey Whipwreck (Great Match)
3. Al Snow vs.Osamu Nishimura (Great Match)
4. Public Enemy interview
5. Pitbulls vs. Rottens (Losing Team Must Split up)
6. Public Enemy interview, funny
7. Chris Benoit vs.2 Cold Scorpio (from Flordia)
8. Paul E/Raven interviews
9. Shane Douglas vs. Ron Simmons (ECW Title from Flordia, Blanchard runs in, Benoit & Malenko make the save)
10. Douglas interview talking about Blanchard doing coke and cheating on his wife
11. Sabu & Taz vs. Public Enemy (from Flordia, wild brawl)
12. Raven interview
13. Cactus vs. Sandman (Falls Count Anywhere, bloody)
14. Cactus interview
15. Jason the Terrible & Pitbulls vs. Hack Myers & Young Dragons (Myers attacks Angel afterwards)
16. Chris Benoit vs. Al Snow (great match)
17. Benoit interview, great

ECW TV TAPE #14 SHOWS 99-102 1st Gen VG-EX 4hrs
1. Public Enemy interview, they confront Paul E. and sign the contract for Three Way Dance
2. Scorpio vs. Hector Guerrero
3. Douglas Talking about leaving
4. Ian & Axl interview
5. clips of Public Enemy interview and Benoit & Malenko attack them and Sabu & Taz come in to make it a three way brawl
6. Benoit & Malenko vs. Sabu & Taz (This was great match with Public Enemy returning to brawl at the end)
7. Public Enemy get attacked by Pitbulls in the locker room
8. Douglas & Cactus/Funk & Sandman interviews
9. Simmons vs. Myers (911 comes in)
10. Funk/Cactus interviews
11. Scorpio vs. Malenko (ECW TV Title)
12. Public Enemy interview dressed as girls pretending they are wrestling at WCW's Uncensored)
13. Perfect Strangers video
14. Mikey vs. Jason
15. Malenko turns on Jason
16. Dreamer vs. Raven (Generation X match, Dreamer had to beat 3 guys before facing Raven, Dreamer bleeds like a pig)
17. Sabu vs. Mikey (great match)
18. Great video on Three Way Dance, hyping it up with tons of wild brawls
19. Public Enemy vs. Pitbulls
20. Pitbulls/bloody Dreamer/Sandman & Woman interview
21. Funk brands Cactus with a flaming branding iron
22. Funk/Douglas interviews

ECW ON TNN AUG 27-OCT 22 1999 Master EX 6hrs

ECW SUPER SUMMER SIZZLER 93 2nd Gen VG-EX 1hr 30mins
1. Jimmy Snuka(c.) vs. JT Smith (ECW TV Title)
2. Tony Stetson vs. Larry Winters(First Blood Match)
3. Peaches vs. Tigra (Catfight...Contains Nudity)
4. Jimmy Snuka(c.) vs. Tommy Cairo (ECW TV Title)
5. Rockin' Rebel vs. Sandman(Philadelphia Street Fight)
6. Sal Bellomo, Stevie Wonderful, & Super Destroyer #1 vs. Johnny Hotbody, Chris Michaels, & Hunter Q. Robbins III
7. Dick Murdoch v Dark Patriot 2
8. Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk (King of Philly Chain Match)

ECW ULTRA CLASH 93 1st Gen EX 2hrs
1. Public Enemy vs. Jason Knight/Ian Rotten
2. Tony Stetson (c.) vs. Tommy Cairo (ECW Pennsylvania Championship)
3. Super Destroyer #1 vs. Super Destroyer #2 (Mask vs. Mask)
4. The Dark Patriot vs. J.T. Smith (Scaffold Match)
5. Terry Funk/Stan Hansen vs. Kevin Sullivan/Abdullah the Butcher (Awesome brawl)
6. Battle Royal that includes Tigra, Don E. Allen, Angel, Hunter Q. Robbins III, Sherri Martel, and Jay Sullie
7. Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels (Strap Match)
8. Shane Douglas (c.) vs. The Sandman (ECW Championship)
9. The Headhunters vs. Miguelito Perez/Crash the Terminator (Baseball Bat Match)


1. Bad Breed (Axl Rotten/Ian Rotten) vs. Hack Meyers/Rockin' Rebel
2. Chad Austin vs. Mikey Whipwreck (c.) (ECW TV Title)
3. Tommy Dreamer vs Stevie Richards
4. Tommy Dreamer vs Mr. Hughes
5. The Pitbulls vs Sabu/Tazmaniac
6. Sandman vs Tommy Cairo (Dueling Canes)
7. Sabu (c.) vs Shane Douglas (ECW Heavyweight Title)
8. The Funk Brothers vs Public Enemy (Barbed Wire Match)

HARDCORE HEAVEN 1994 ? Gen VG 2hrs
1. Hack Meyers vs. Rockin' Rebel
2. Chad Austin vs. Tommy Cairo
3. Jason Knight vs. Mikey Whipwreck (c.) (ECW TV Title)
4. Tazmaniac/Jimmy Snuka vs. The Pitbulls
5. 911 vs. Mr. Hughes
6. Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer
7. Public Enemy (c.) vs. Ian Rotten/Axl Rotten (ECW World Tag Team Titles)
8. Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio
9. Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk (This was the match where fans threw several hundred chairs in the ring at the end)

1. Stevie Richards vs. Mikey Whipwreck
2. Tony Stetson vs. Tsubo Genjin (Finish)
3. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten
-Raven/Stevie Richards interview
4. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer
5. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (ECW TV Title)
6. The Sandman vs. Shane Douglas (c.) (ECW World Title...Shane's last match before becoming the dreaded Dean Douglas)
7. Public Enemy vs. Pitbulls
8. Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk (Funk BRANDS Cactus!)

-Jason interview
1. The Pitbulls/Jason The Terrible (W*ING) vs. Young Dragons/Hack Meyers
2. Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards
3. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Paul Lauria
4. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten
5. Chris Benoit vs. Al Snow (Great Match)
6. Tully Blanchard vs. Shane Douglas (c.) (ECW World Title)
7. Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman (BRUTAL)
8. Sabu/Tazmaniac vs. Public Enemy (c.) (ECW World Tag Team Titles. Double Table match)

ECW HEATWAVE 95 2nd Gen VG-EX 2hrs
1. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Mike Norman
2. Tony Stetson/Don E. Allen vs. Raven/Stevie Richards (Tag Titles)
3. Hack Myers vs. Val Puccio
4. Pitbulls/Tommy Dreamer vs. Dudleys/Raven
5. Axl Rotten vs. Sandman (ECW Title)
6. Dean Malenko/2 Cold Scorpio vs. Eddie Guerrero/Tazmaniac
7. Luna Vachon vs. Stevie Richards (Cage Match)
8. Gangstas vs. Public Enemy (Cage Match)


ECW BORN TO BE WIRED Master EX 2hrs 30mins
1.Little Guido vs. Pablo Marquez
2.Mikey Whipwreck vs. Louie Spicolli
3.Chris Candido vs Chris Chetti
4.Shane Douglas vs Lance Storm
5.Taz vs Al Snow
6.Bam Bam Bigelow vs Spike Dudley
7.The Dudleys vs Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten (Hack Myers returns)
8.Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer
9.Sabu vs Terry Funk (ECW Worlds Title No Rope Barbed Wire Match…The match was too extreme even for ECW)

ECW HOUSE PARTY 99 2nd Gen EX 2hrs 25 mins
1. Spike Dudley vs. Roadkill/Danny Doring
2. Steve Corino vs. Chris Chetti
3. Antifaz Del Norte vs. Little Guido
4. Super Crazy vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri
5. Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible vs. Lance Storm
6. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten/Balls Mahoney
7. John Kronus vs. Ulf Herrman
8. Sid vs. Skull Von Krush
9. Taz (c.) vs. Chris Candido (ECW World Heavyweight Title)
10. Taz (c.) vs. Shane Douglas (ECW World Heavyweight Title)
11. Public Enemy vs. Buh Buh Ray/D-Von Dudley

ECW BARELY LEGAL PPV 1st Gen VG-EX 2hrs 50 mins
1. Dudley Boyz (c.) vs. The Eliminators (ECW World Tag Team Titles)
2. Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm
3. Great Sasuke/Gran Hamada/Masato Yakushiji vs. Taka Michinoku/Terry Boy/Dick Togo
4. Shane Douglas (c.) vs. Pitbull #2 (ECW TV Title)
5. Taz vs. Sabu(Awesome match)
6. Terry Funk vs. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards
7. Terry Funk vs. Raven (c.) (ECW World Heavyweight Title)

1. Chris Candido vs. Taz (c.) (ECW World TV Title)
-ICP getting mauled by Rob Van Dam and Sabu
2. Spike Dudley vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
-More of ICP getting mauled by Rob Van Dam and Sabu with an entrance by The Sandman
3. Rob Van Dam vs. Al Snow
4. Dudley Boyz (c.) vs. PG-13 (ECW Tag Team Championship)
5. Tommy Dreamer vs. Jerry Lawler
6. Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk vs. Sabu (c.) (ECW World Heavyweight Championship)
-Large brawl at the end of the match... Eliminators and New Jack enter the ring and wreak havoc

1. Tommy Rogers vs. Chris Candido (Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn enter to make the match 2 on 2)
2. Justin Credible vs. Mikey Whipwreck
-Funny interview with Al Snow badgering the head with Super Nova, Spike Dudley, and the Blue Meanie looking on
3. Taz (c.) vs. Pitbull II (ECW TV Title. Taz has a confrontation with Brakkus, and he decides to take out a security guard. Typical Taz)
4. FBI (c.) vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten vs. John Kronus/New Jack (ECW Tag Team Titles)
5. Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer (Furnas/Lafon/Sabu/Richards enter to do some damage to Dreamer)
6. Sabu vs. Sandman (Tables and Ladders match)

1. FBI vs. Chris Chetti/Jerry Lynn
-Highlights of Masato Tanaka kicking Mike Awesome's ass
2. Dan Kroffat vs. Masato Tanaka (W*ING Kanemura didn't show for the PPV)
3. Rob Van Dam vs. Too Cold Scorpio (Sabu comes out in the end, and they double team Too Cold until the Sandman appears)
4. Dudley Boyz vs. Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten vs. Spike Dudley/New Jack (ECW Tag Team Titles)
-Highlights of Justin Credible defeating Great Sasuke and his feud with Mikey Whipwreck
5. Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible
-Highlights of the team of Taz/Bigelow
6. Bam Bam Bigelow (c.) vs. Taz (ECW TV Title)
7. Sandman vs. Sabu (Singapore Cane Match)
8. Chris Candido/Shane Douglas (c.) vs. Lance Storm (Al Snow comes in at around the five minute mark)

1. FBI (Guido/Smothers) vs. Blue Meanie/Super Nova
2. Justin Credible vs. Mikey Whipwreck
3. Lance Storm/Chris Candido (c.) vs. Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten
-ECW pays homage to legendary wrestlers Junkyard Dog, Dick Murdoch, Masked Superstar, and Bob Armstrong
-Shane Douglas interview. Excellent interview has he speaks on his HATRED for Ric Flair
4. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. New Jack
-Sandman/Dreamer highlights
5. Sandman/Tommy Dreamer vs. The Dudley Boyz (Sandman leaves the match after killing himself because he slammed a can on his head, and Spike Dudley comes out to replace him)
6. Rob Van Dam (c.) vs. Sabu (ECW TV Title. **** 1/2 star match as it goes to a full, 30-minute draw...Sabu power pukes during the match)
7. Shane Douglas (c.) vs. Al Snow (ECW World Title)

HEATWAVE 98  Master EX 3hrs
*This is the Pioneer Home Video Release. I also have a 1st Gen VG-EX PPV copy as well
1. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
2. Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm
3. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome
4. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Hayabusa/Jinsei Shinzaki
5. Taz (c.) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (FTW Title. Falls Count Anywhere)
6. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman/Spike Dudley vs. Buh Buh Ray/D-Von/Big Dick Dudley

NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER 98 PPV 1st Gen EX 2hr 50mins
1. Blue Meanie & Super Nova v. Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill
2. Tommy Rogers v. Tracy Smothers
3. Lance Storm v. Jerry Lynn
4. Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney v. Dudley Boyz(c.) (ECW Tag Team Title)
5. Jake Roberts & Tommy Dreamer v. Justin Credible & Jack Victory
6. Sabu, Rob van Dam, & Tazz v. Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow & Shane Douglas


1. Chris Jericho vs. Pittbull II vs. Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (ECW TV Title...***** Awesome)
2. Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (ECW TV Title)
3. Sabu vs. The Sandman (Stairway To Hell...Bloodbath)
4. Axl Rotten vs. Ian Rotten (Tai Pei Death Match...Bloodbath)
5. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri vs. Jerry Lynn

1. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko v Sabu/Taz(c.)(ECW Tag Team Titles...A great match, one of my favorite ECW matches of all time...2-25-95)
2. The Gangstas(c.) v The Eliminators (ECW Tag Team Titles...Cage Match...8-24-96)
3. Raven/Stevie Richards(c.) v The Pitbulls(ECW Tag Team Titles...2/3 Falls...9-16-95)
4. Shane Douglas(c.) v Pitbull 2(ECW TV Title)
5. Rey Misterio Jr. v Juventud Guerrerra (2/3 Falls...Awesome high spots...3-9-96)
6. Tommy Dreamer v Brian Lee (High Incident Scaffold Match...Very inovative concept...10-26-96)

1. Shane Douglas v 2 Cold Scorpio(NWA Title...The Extreme World Title is born!)
- Dennis Coraluzzo reacts
- Tod Gordon renames ECW to Extreme Championship Wrestling
- Clips of Douglas turning on The Sandman
2. Shane Douglas(c.) v The Sandman (ECW Title)
- Sandman Interview
- Shane Douglas Interview
3. Shane Douglas(c.) v The Sandman (ECW Title)
4. The Sandman(c.) v Cactus Jack (ECW Title...Barbed Wire Match)
5. The Sandman(c.) v Cactus Jack(ECW Title...Shane Douglas as the ref)
6. The Sandman(c.) v Mikey Whipwreck (ECW Title...Ladder Match...Steve Austin comes out before the match)
- The Sandman "My Way" video
7. Mikey Whipwreck(c.) v Steve Austin (ECW Title)
8. Mikey Whipwreck(c.) v The Sandman v Steve Austin (ECW Title...Triangle Match)
9. The Sandman(c.) v Raven (ECW Title)
10. Raven(c.) v The Sandman (ECW Title)
11. Raven(c.) v Shane Douglas (ECW Title)
12. Raven(c.) v Pitbull 2 v The Sandman (ECW Title...3 Way Dance)
13. Raven(c.) v Tommy Dreamer(ECW Title...From Japan)
14. Stevie Richards/Brian Lee v The Sandman/Tommy Dreamer(If Stevie is pinned he loses Raven's title...Awesome Dreamer bump)
- Video package covering the ECW Title from 8/94-10/96
- Stills from The Sandman(c.) v Raven (ECW Title...Barbed Wire Match)
- Raven Interview
- Music Video with clips of The Sandman(c.) v Raven (ECW Title...Barbed Wire Match)

- Clip of Chris Benoit breaking Sabu's neck from Nov to Remember 94
1. Sandman/Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack/Shane Douglas (Funk piledrives Jack on flaming branding iron)
2. Public Enemy vs Gangstas (Fans fill ring & it breaks)
3. Dudley Dudley/Vampire Warrior vs Rick/Scott Steiner (Steiners' ECW debut)
4. Sandman vs Cactus Jack (No Rope Barbed Wire)
5. Francine vs Beulah (Catfight)


*This was shot from the crowd and is not the best but it's the only copy I have ever found of this show as it was not released by ECW and only a few of the matches were shown on TV

*WARNING...This video contains extremely graphic footage...WARNING*
- Taz Interview
1. ??? vs ???
2. Chris Candido vs Stevie Richards
3. Brian Lee vs ???
4. Pitbull #2 vs RVD
5. Gangstas vs Mass Transit & D-Von Dudley (This is the infamous "Mass Transit Incident" match. The Gangstas come to the ring with their standard garbage can full of weapons collected from fans and proceed to torture 17-year-old Eric Kulas - Mass Transit - with them. After watching this video, there can be no doubt that the Gangstas intended to hurt Kulas as there are several incredibly stiff shots delivered to him with a toaster and a chair, among other things. Then, to top it off, New Jack takes a knife/razor and slices Kulas maliciously across the forehead, causing him to scream in pain and begin bleeding like nothing I've ever seen. After the match, with Kulas nearly dying from loss of blood, there's a close-up on his forehead, where you can just see the blood squirting out of his head. Totally disgusting.)
6. Eliminators vs Dudleys (cut off)
7. Shane Douglas vs Tommy Dreamer (JIP)
8. Raven vs Sandman (Dog Collar)

ECW Fancam 1-13-2001( Last ECW Show) ?Gen VG-EX