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1. Gary Young vs. Libyan
2. Terry Gordy vs. Ted DiBiase..clip
3. Gustavo Memdoza vs. Chavo Guerrero
4. Fantastics vs. John Tatum/Jack Victory
5. Terry Taylor vs. Buddy Roberts
6. One Man Gang vs. Hacksaw Duggan
7. Sheepherders vs. Guerrero/Koko B. Ware
8. Buzz Sawyer vs. Hacksaw Duggan
9. Fantastics vs. Freebirds
10. Terry Gordy vs. Terry Taylor
11. Sting vs. KEn Massey
12. Chavo Guerrero vs. Libyan
13. Sheepherders vs. Brett Sawyer/Gary Young
14. Rick Steiner vs. Koko B. Ware
15. Freebirds "Boys R Back in Town" video
16. Bill Watts/Terry Taylor vs. Michael Hayes/Terry Gordy
17. Terry Gordys vs. Ted DiBiase... Complete match of Earlier clip
18. Ted DiBiase vs. Buzz Sawyer
19. Fantastics vs. Buzz Sawyer/Rich Steiner
20. H. Duggan/Missing Link vs. Kamala/OMG
21. Koko B. Ware vs. Libyan
22. One Man Gang vs. Gary Young
23. Dark Journey slaps Michael Hayes
24. Intr: Gilbert/Sting/Steiner
25. Eddie Gilbert vs.Brett Sawyer
26. Fantastics vs. G. Mendoza/J. Malcolm
27. Freebirds vs. B. Watts/H. Duggan/T. Taylor
28. Eddie Gilbert vs. Tommy Wright
29. Rick Steiner vs. Chavo Guerrero
30. Sheepherders/J. Victory vs. Fantastics/T. Taylor...Barbed Wire Cage


Vol. 1
-The Russians attack Bill Watts. Ted DiBiase, Steve Williams, and Jim Duggan make the save.
1. Buddy Roberts/Michael Hayes vs. Ted DiBiase/Terry Taylor
-The Russians in a brawl with the Fantastics with Bill Watts entering the ring with a baseball bat to save them.
-Terry Gordy throwing chairs in All-Japan
-Ted DiBiase interview with Michael Hayes, in which Ted says, "I think that the PS stands for, 'Prissy Sissy.'"
2. Ted DiBiase vs. Buzz Sawyer
3. Fantastics vs. The Sheepherders
-Big Bubba Rogers confrontation with Dusty Rhodes, and Magnum TA (with a shovel)
4. Terry Gordy vs. Steve Williams (Great Match)
5. Bill Watts vs. Bladerunner Sting (Eddie Gilbert makes a run-in as well as the Freebirds, and all of the men take out Watts with Gordy planting the Oriental Spike on him)
6. Bladerunners vs. Ted DiBiase/Steve Williams (May 9, 1986. UWF)
7. Ted DiBiase vs. Terry Gordy (c.) (UWF World Title. Shows the last minute)
8. Jim Duggan vs. One Man Gang (UWF)
9. Eddie Gilbert/Terry Taylor vs. Sting/Chris Adams (Rick Steiner interferes. UWF)
10. Barry Windham (c.) vs. Arn Anderson (UWF TV Title?)
11. Ted DiBiase vs. One Man Gang (UWF)
12. Steve Williams vs. Terry Gordy (NWA)
13. One Man Gang vs. Ted DiBiase (UWF)
14. Sam Houston/Terry Taylor vs. Sting/Rick Steiner (UWF)
15. Sting/Rick Steiner vs. Terry Taylor/Chris Adams (UWF)
16. Angel of Death vs. Michael Hayes (UWF)
17. Iceman Parsons/Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Taylor/Chris Adams (c.) (UWF Tag Titles...Match starts over on Vol. 2)

Vol. 2
1. Iceman Parsons/Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Taylor/Chris Adams (UWF)
2. Terry Taylor vs. Chris Adams (Last minute clip. UWF)
3. Terry Taylor vs. Chris Adams (UWF)
4. Iceman Parsons vs. Steve Cox
5. Eddie Gilbert vs. Steve Williams
-Freebirds video to the song, "The Boys Are Back In Town." (UWF)
-Freebirds, "Badstreet USA," video
6. Terry Taylor vs. Sting (UWF)
-Terry Gordy interview
7. Steve Cox vs. Dick Murdoch
8. Angel of Death/??? vs. Michael Hayes/Terry Gordy
9. Terry Gordy vs. Dick Murdoch
10. Black Bart vs. Sting
11. Dick Murdoch/Eddie Gilbert vs. Buddy Roberts/Terry Gordy
12. Rick Steiner vs. Barry Windham
13. Eddie Gilbert vs. Chris Adams
14. Interview with Akbar and Brian Armstrong
15. Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson (NWA)


USA ALL STAR VOL.4 1st Gen EX 1hr
1. Mad Dog & Pork Chop v The Sheepherders (Chicago Street Fight)
2. Jim Duggan v Buzz Sawyer (Dog Collar)
3. Jake Roberts v Lord Humongous (Cage)
4. 22-Man Bunkhouse Battle Royal
5. Jake Roberts v Dick Slater (North American Title)

1. Butch Reed v Kamala
2. Jim Duggan v Ted DiBiase (Street Fight)
3. Ric Flair v Terry Taylor (NWA Title)