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SMW TV TAPE #13 January 95 1st Gen VG-EX 4hrs
1. DWB vs. Landel
2. Landel/Lawler/DWB interview
3. Cactus vs. Bedlam
4. Bradley & Candito vs. Cactus & Lee (Fall Count Anywhere)
5. R & R Express vs. Gangstas ( R & R win titles, Cornette helps R & R and he bleeds)
6. Bradley vs. Scotty McKeever
7. Cactus & Bradley/Cornette interview, Gangstas come out and the Armstrong have to save Cornette
8. Landel vs. Scrub
9. DWB/Lawler & Candito interview
10. Eddie Gilbert arrives in SMW
11. Gilbert vs. Morton (Special challenge match)
12. Landel vs. scrub
13. DWB interview
14. Cactus & Bradley interview
15. Bradley vs. Candito
16. Bodies & Cornette interview
17. Bob Armstrong/Gangstas interview
18. Gangstas attack Armstrong
19. R & R Express vs. Gilbert & Unabomb
20. Armstrong interview, Cornette offers his help
21. Gangstas vs. scrub
22. Candito interview, he shoves dog food down Bradley's throat, Bradley attacks Candito
23. Landel vs. DWB
24. Royal Romble with Unabomb and Gilbert winning
25. Gilbert interview, great (Last TV appearance in the states)

SMW SHINNSTON,WV 9-7-92 Master EX 1hr 50 mins
*Note this is a camcorder shot house show with no comentary
1. Galaxian vs. The Ninja Turtle (Mark Curtis in a TMNT outfit. Outrageous!)
2. Killer Kyle vs. Dixie Dynamite
3. "Mr. TNT" Danny Davis vs. Tim Horner
4. Ronnie Garvin vs. Paul Orndorff
5. Brian Lee vs. Dirty White Boy (c.) (SMW Heavyweight Title)
6. Heavenly Bodies (c.) vs. Rock N' Roll Express (SMW Tag Team Titles...Awesome match with great heat)

*Note this tape came in a 2 Tape format
1. Doug Furnas vs. Killer Kyle
2. Bob Orton, Jr. & Dick Slater vs. The Mongolian Stomper & Ronnie Garvin
3.The Rock-n-Roll Express vs. Chris Candido & Brian Lee ( SMW Tag Title)
-Legends Introduction and Awards: Bob Armstrong, Sam Bass (posthumous), Whitey Caldwell (posthumous), John Cazana (posthumous), Corsica Joe, Jack Donovan, Doug Furnas, Ronnie Garvin, Rick Gibson, Al Greene, Don Greene, Jim Hess, Phil Hickerson, Sara Lee, Boris Malenko (not in attendance), Mac McMurray, The Mongolian Stomper, Frank Morell, Bob Orton Jr, Bob Polk, Phil Raney, Nelson Royal, Dick Slater, Les Thatcher, Tommy Weathers, Ron West, Jim White, Billy Wicks, Don Wright, and Ron Wright
4.Chris Jericho & Lance Storm vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Street Fight match...Jericho bleeds a gusher!)
5.The Dirty White Boy vs. Terry Gordy
- Video showing the feud between Armstrong & Cornette
6.Bob Armstrong, Tracey Smothers, & Road Warrior Hawk vs. Bruiser Bedlam, Terry & Dory Funk Jr. (Coward Waves the Flag match)

SMW VOLUNTEER SLAM 92 Master Ex 1hr 30mins
1. The Dirty White Boy v Dixie Dynamite
2. Brian Lee v Buddy Landell
3. Paul Orndorff  vs. Tim Horner
4. Robert Gibson v Jimmy Golden
5. Brian Lee v The Dirty White Boy
6. Paul Orndorff v Robert Gibson
7. The Heavenly Bodies v The Party Patrol (SMW Tag Title)
8. Brian Lee v Paul Orndorff (SMW Title Tournament Final)

SMW's WILDEST MATCHES VOL. 1 Master VG-EX 1hr 30 mins
* VQ Varies with Match
1. Ronnie Garvin & Brian Lee v Paul Orndorff & The Dirty White Boy
2. Tim Horner v The Dirty White Boy (Street Fight)
3. The Dirty White Boy v Tracey Smothers (No DQ)
4. Kevin Sullivan v The Mongolian Stomper (Note the screen mess up for a few seconds during their brawl in the stands)
- Undedited Footage of The Heavenly Bodies v Fantastics Lockerroom Brawl
5. The Heavenly Bosies v The Fantastics (Street Fight)