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USWA TV TAPE #2 7/16-8/13/94 1st Gen VG-EX 6hrs
1. Clips of Tommy Rich vs. Jerry Lawler (Barbed Wire Match)
2. Rich interview, Lawler comes out and they go into the ring then Sid Vicious comes in and chokeslams Lawler
3. Wolfie D. vs. scrub
4. Clips of Brian Christopher vs. Dream Machine
5. Clips of Christopher & Moondogs vs. Rich, Machine & Gilbert
6. Spellbinder vs. scrub
7. Christopher vs. scrub
8. Gilbert, Rich & Machine vs. TD Steele, Sawyer & Basham
9. Clips of Rich vs. Lawler then Rich interview
10. Eliminators vs. scrub
11. Vicious vs. scrub
12. Lawler/Rich, Machine & Doug Gilbert interviews
13. Gilbert vs. JC Ice
14. Koko B. Ware gets jumped by Fine & Eliminators
15. Christopher vs. Spellbinder (pull apart brawl, Moondogs comes in)
16. Moondogs vs. scrubs
17. Christopher vs. scrub (Rich & Moondogs comes out)
18. Vicious & Spike Huber vs. scrubs
19. Gaylord interview, Vicious comes out and they jump him, great stuff
20. Vicious steals a tape of his match with Gaylord, great
21. Rich & Gilbert vs. scrubs
22. Moondogs vs. scrubs (Rich & Gilbert attack them with boards)
23. Spellbinder & Eliminators vs. PG-13 & Ware
24. PG-13 vs. scrubs
25. lawler interview on phone, Vicious comes in and hangs up on them
26. Vicious & Huber vs. Gaylord & King Kong Bundy (clips)
27. Vicious & Huber vs. scrubs (Gaylord comes in and gets powerbombed 3 times)
28. Lawler calls back in
29. Scrub match
30. Gilbert vs. Christopher
31. Eliminators vs. scrubs
This tape also has more interviews than listed

1. Georgeous George III (EL Maestro) v. Mario
2. Miss Texas (WWF's Jackie) v. Debbie Combs
3. Buddy Landell v. Tracy Smothers
4. Billy Jack Haynes v. Brickhouse Brown
5. Rock and Roll Express v. PG 13 - incredible match
6. Stan Lane/Steve Kiern v. Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert
7. Jerry Lawler v. Joe LeDuc
- Parade of Legends
8. Best of Louisville Battle Royal