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Lucha Libre-AAA

* See why most call this the greatest PPV ever in the US.
1. Octangoncito/Mascarito Sagrada v Espectrito/Jerito Estrada (Awesome Mini Match)
2. Psicosis/Feurza Guerrera/Louie Spicolli v Latin Lover/Heavy Metal/Rey Misterio Jr.
3. Tito Santana/Chris Benoit/2 Cold Scorpio v Jerry Estrada/La Parka/Blue Panther
4. El HIjo del Santo/Octagon v Los Gringos Locos (Mask v Hair 2/3 Falls, Great match!)
5. Konan v Perro Aquayo(Steel Cage)

1. Octagon vs. Damian (Best of '96...Witness Pepe Casas bleed a gusher)
2. LaParka vs. Fishman (Cage...Rey Jr. and Juventud get involved in this one!!!
3. Venum & Chivas 1 & 2 vs. Los Destructores
4. Mini Mankind & Mini Vader & Mini Killer vs. Mascarita Sagrada Jr. & Torerito & LaParkita
5. Maniaco & Moscara Sagrada Jr. & Blue Demon Jr. & La Parka Jr. & Tinieblas Jr. (LaParka Jr. turns Rudos)
6. Int: Diesel & Razor Ramon
7. Jake Roberts & Diesel & Razor Ramon vs. Perro Aguayo & Cibernetico & Pierroth Jr.
8. Venum & Ludxor & Discovery & Super Nova vs. Nitti & Al Capone & El Goyo & Picudo (insane high spots)
9. Minie Vader vs. Mascarita Sagrada Jr.
10. Venum & Discovery & Ludxor & Super Nova vs. Histeria & Picudo & Maniaco & Abismo Negro
11. Highlights of Venum vs. Los Destructores
12. Payasos vs. Destructores (Lumberjack Strap Match)
13. Konnan vs. Pierroth Jr. (Dog-Collar match)

AAA TV 11-7-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 10 mins
1. Lady Apache/Alda Moreno/Ayako Hamada vs. Miss Janeth/Aja Kong/Tifany (Great Match)
2. Charly Manson/Mosco/Psicosis/Maniaco/Histeria vs. Super Crazy/Espiritu/Picudo/May Flower's/Nygma (Ok, this match is STRANGE. A few of the guys on Super Crazy's team are dressed up like KISS. God, WHY?! There's a few good spots in the match, including the three turnbuckle moonsaults that Crazy does, with the camera right in his face. Too many chair shots.)
-Cibernetico interview. There's even a clip of him hanging out with the Headhunters! YEAH!
3. Sangre Chicana/La Parka Jr./Alebrije C/Dos Caras Jr. vs. Pirata Morgan/Cobarde/El Texano/Espectro Jr. (This is Dos Caras Jr.'s AAA debut)
4. Cibernetico vs. Abismo Negro

AAA TV 11-14-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 27 mins
1. Alda Moreno/Estrellita/Lady Apache vs. Rosy Moreno/Miss Janeth/Tiffany
2. Sangre Chicana/La Parka Jr./Alebrije C/Dos Caras Jr. vs. Pirata Morgan/Cobarde/El Texano/Espectro Jr. (This is Dos Caras Jr.'s AAA debut. Repeat from 11/07/2000 TV)
3. Cibernetico vs. Abismo Negro (Repeat from 11/07/2000 TV)
4. Super Crazy vs. Oriental (c.) (IWC Welterweight Title)

AAA TV 11-21-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 15 mins
-AAA is doing this big Halloween/Creepy type of deal, in which the announcer is brought out in a casket and then the mini's come out from behind hidden doors. I'm having Dungeon of Doom flashbacks...
1. Octagoncito/Mascarita Sagrada/Parkita vs. Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Kahos/Mini Espectro Jr. (Best 2/3. This match is awesome. First mini match that I've ever seen. Lots of high flying stuff. Mini Kahos and Mini Espectro Jr. TURN on Mini Abismo, causing the real Abismo to get out of his seat. The real Kahos and Espectro Jr. come out to put the feet to Abismo Negro. La Parka Jr. and Mascara Sagrada then come out to assist Abismo Negro. All of the minis help Mini Abismo Negro to his feet after his beatdown)
2. Mascara Sagrada/Mr. Lllamas/Blue Demon Jr/La Parka Jr vs. Espectro Jr/Karis La Momia/Kahos/Dr. Infierno (Best 2/3. This match is alright. It has its high spots)
3. Hector Garza vs. Toro Irision (Best 2/3. Garza didn't do a whole lot of flying stuff, like I'd expect. I'm not a fan of the Irision guy. Cool table spot at the end where Garza back flips into it, and then Irision's buddies come out with a casket, setting it up in the corner, and then whip lashing him inside of it)
4. Cibernetico/Headhunters vs. Abismo Negro/Heavy Metal/Perro Aguayo Jr (Best 2/3. Not that bad of a match. One of the Headhunters bleeds very nicely, and they also cut Heavy Metal up. At the end of the match, Abismo Negro is put through a table with the top rope Headhunters bomb. Paramedics then attend to Abismo. Awesome!)

AAA TV 11-28-00 1st Gen EX 20 mins
1. Oscar Sevilla/Mascara Sagrada Jr/Path Finder vs. Apache/Cementerio/Cuervo (A pretty good match, actually. Oscar Sevilla, who dresses up like a matador, is very quick and his timing is almost perfect with his move execution. Path Finder, who has a Liger/Psichosis hybrid outfit, is pretty good as well)

AAA TV 12-5-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 7 mins
1. Alda Moreno/Estrellita/Lady Apache vs. Rosy Moreno/Tiffany/Miss Janeth
2. Perro Aguayo/Heavy Metal vs. Silver King/Pirata Morgan (c.) (AAA Tag Team Titles. Match seems to be a total squash, as it doesn't last all that long)
3. Hector Garza vs. Toro Irision (Hair vs. Hair Cage Match. Not all that bad. Garza bleeds pretty well, and near the end of the match, all of Irision's Kick Boxing guys come out to prevent Garza from escaping the cage. Heavy Metal and Aguayo Jr. come down to make the save so that Garza can escape, but they turn on HIM! I didn't understand it)

AAA TV  12-19-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 14mins
1. Escorpion Negro/Apache/Charly Manson vs. Oriental/Oscar Sevilla/Blue Demon Jr. (Blue Demon's mask gets entirely taken off and Negro puts it on and wears it around. Sevilla does an AWESOME dive onto Manson into the crowd as well)
2. Killer/Highlander/Cibernetico vs. Abismo Negro/Sangre Chicana/Octagon
3. El Texano/Pirata Morgan (c.) vs. El Hijo Perro Aguayo/Heavy Metal (AAA Tag Team Titles)

AAA TV 12-26-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 30mins
1. Rocky Marvin vs. Octagoncito (c.) (National Mini Title)
2. Oscar Sevilla/Path Finder/Mascara Sagrada Jr vs. Cementerio/Cuervo/Apache (Repeat from 12.5.2000 TV)
3. El Texano/Pirata Morgan (c.) vs. El Hijo Perro Aguayo/Heavy Metal (Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. National Tag Team Title. Repeat from 12.19.2000 TV)
4. Latin Lover/Hector Garza/El Zorro/Humberto Garza vs. Heavy Metal/El Sanguinario/El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo/Jerry Estrada (Cage Match in which the last person in the cage loses their hair)

AAA TV 1-2-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 17mins
1. Oriental/Oscar Sevilla/Hong Kong Lee/Bobby Lee Jr. vs. Picudo/May Flower's/Espiritu/Silver Cat
2. Elektro Shock/Headhunters vs. Mascara Sagrada Jr/Perry Aguayo Jr/Heavy Metal
3. Cibernetico vs. Abismo Negro (Cage Match. Title vs. Title)

AAA TV 1-9-01 1st Gen EX  1hr 10 mins
-Highlights of Rocky Marvin and Octagoncito's Mini Title match
1. Los Vatos Locos vs. Spice Boys (The Spice Boys seem to be a Backstreet Boys rip off kind of thing, but in all actuality, they are *really* good)
-Some very strange skit with a drunk woman talking to AAA president, Antonio Pena
2. El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo/Heavy Metal vs. Latin Lover/Hector Garza (A very *awesome* tag match. There is an unreal amount of heat between the two teams that have gone on for a LONG time. Also, Latin Lover bleeds a gusher, and gets blood on just about everyone and everything!)

AAA TV 1-20-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 10 mins
1. Princesa Sujei/Alda Moreno/Cinthia Moreno vs. Tiffany/Miss Janeth/Rosy Moreno
2. El Zorro/Heavy Metal/Hijo Del Perro Aguyao vs. Jerry Estrada/Charly Manson/Electro Shock
3. Latin Lover/Abismo Negro/Mascara Sagrada vs. Cibernetico/Headhunters (Cage match. Awesome! Sagrada almost has his mask entirely ripped off, and he bleeds BIG TIME. At one point, it looked like one of the Headhunters was going to fall off the top of the cage onto the floor.)

AAA TV 1-30-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 10 mins
1. Lady Apache/Esther Moreno vs. Demaladora/Martha Villalobos
2. Dos Caras/La Parka Jr/Dos Caras Jr. vs. El Texano/Pirata Morgan/Jerry Estrada
3. Abismo Negro/Latin Lover/Mascara Segrada vs. Cibernetico/Headhunters (Cage Match)

AAA TV 2-6-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 10 mins
1. Dos Caras Sr/Dos Caras Jr/Alebrije vs. Texano/Pirata Morgan/Hijo del Solitario
2. Rosy Moreno/Miss Janeth/Tiffany vs. Princess Suije/Alda Moreno/Cinthia Moreno (One Fall)
3. Heavy Metal/Hijo del Perro vs. Latin Lover/Hector Garza (One Fall. Heavy Metal climbed the buckles to dive onto Latin Lover, but unfortunately for him and the match, he slipped off the top rope and landed hip first on the apron. Hijo de Perro covers by low blowing Latin Lover and Hector Garza behind the ref's back for the pin)

AAA TV 2-13-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 10 mins
1. Dos Caras Jr/Dos Caras Sr. vs. El Texano/Pirata Morgan (c.) (AAA Tag Titles. Very good match as Jr. gets the first upset fall over the rudos. Texano and Morgan go ballistic and injure Dos Sr., and then put the hurting to Jr. until Sr. throws in the towel. Very cool)
2. Lady Apache/Cinthia Moreno/Estrellita vs. Rosy Moreno/Tiffany/Miss Janeth
3. Octagon/Alebrije/Hijo Del Solitario/Mascara Segrada vs. Elektro Shock/Histeria/Psicosis/Maniaco

AAA TV 8.7.01 1st Gen EX 1hr 22mins
1. Vatos Locos (Picudo/Silver Cat/Espiritu/Nygma) vs. Black Family (Pentagon/Cuervo/Chessman/Scoria) (Cage Match. One of the Vatos Locos guys gets blasted with a spray can used as a flamethrower right in the face. SICK)
2. Oscar Sevilla/Boby Lee Jr., Nino De La Calle vs. Los Bravos Del Norte I/II/III
3. Marabunta/Billy Boy/Alan/Decnnis vs. Apache/Mr. Condor/Angel Mortal/Gallego
4. Mascaraita Sagrada/Octagoncito/La Parkita vs. Mini Abismo Negro/Rocco Marvin/Rocky Marvin (AWESOME!)
5. Lady Apache/Cinthia Moreno/Faby Apache vs. Tiffany/Martha Villalobos/Akino

AAA TV 8.14.01 1st Gen EX 1hr 17mins
1. Akino (ARSION)/Faby Apache (c.) vs. Cinthia Moreno/Lady Apache (AAA Women's Tag Team Titles. Akino puts Apache into a nice cross arm scissors, and apparently hurts her. I don't know what to make of it, but if you take someone who works for a stiff wrestling/shoot/submission style corporation against a lucha libre stylist, there's going to be clashing problems. It just didn't look good, but Lady Apache sucks anyway)
2. Rocky Marvin/Rocco Marvin/Mini Abismo Negro vs. Octagoncito/Mascarita Sagrada/La Parkita
3. Abismo Negro/Cibernetico/Electro Shock vs. Latin Lover/Heavy Metal/Hector Garza