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Lucha Libre-CMLL/EMLL

CMLL/EMLL PPV "SIN PIEDAD" 2nd Gen VG-EX 2hr 40mins
1. Ricky Marvin & Sombra de Plata vs. Alan & Chris Stone
2. Bestia Salvaje, Violencia & Feurza Guerrara vs. El Felino, Safari & Tony Rivera
3. Los Villanos III, IV & V vs. Blue Panter, Dr. Wagner Jr. & Black Warrior
4. Shocker, Tarzan Boy & Emilio Charles Jr. vs. Atlantis, Mr. Niebla & Satanico (Revelos Increibles)
5. Rey Buccanero & Ultimo Geurrero vs. Negro Casas & El Hijo Del Santo (CMLL Tag Title)
6. Perro Aguayo vs. Cien Caras (Hair Match)

CMLL TV 11-7-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 2 mins
1. Tinieblas/Giant Silva/Negro Casas vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Apollo Dantes/Black Warrior/Fuerza Guerrera
2. Rudos (Blue Panther, Satanico, Bestia Salvaje, Mascara Ano Dos 2000, Shocker, A. Dantes, U 2000, Cien Caras) vs. Tecnicos (Villano III, Brazo De Plata, Perro Aguayo, Emilio Charles Jr., Mr. Niebla, Villano IV, Rayo De Jalisco Jr., H. Lizmark) (16 man battle royal, followed up by a series of singles matches to determine who shall receive Blue Demon's title. Awesome mini-match with Mr. Niebla vs. Blue Panther at the end)
3. Tarzan Boy vs. Atlantis (Best 2 out of 3 falls)

CMLL TV 11-14-00 1st Gen EX 47 mins
1. Bestia Salvaje/Apollo Dantes/Dr. Wagner Jr/Shocker vs. Tarzan Boy/Emilio Charles Jr/Giant Silva (Tarzan Boy and Charles Jr. turn on Silva by not tagging in during the match, nor helping him)
2. Universo 2000/Mascara Ano Dos 2000/Cien Caras vs. Villano III/Rayo De Jalisco Jr/Perro Aguayo (Best 2 of 3 falls)

CMLL TV 11-21-00 1st Gen EX 1 hr
Clips of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
-Ricky Marvin/Sombra De Plata vs. Enemigo Publico/Masada (Round 1)
-Neutron/Flecha vs. Alan Stone/Motocross (Round 1)
-Mano Negra Jr/Volador Jr vs. Sangre Azteca/Jeque (Round 1)
-Rayos Tapatios I - II vs. Virus/Fugaz (Round 1)
-Alan Stone/Motocross vs. Ricky Marvin/Sombra De Plata (Round 2)
-Fugaz/Virus vs. Mano Negra Jr/Volador Jr (Round 2)
-Alan Stone/Motocross vs. Fugaz/Virus (Final)
1. Ultimo Guerrero vs. Negro Casas (Best 2/3. The first two falls end really quick, and Ultimo then finishes Negro off with a weird torture rack type of thing after Satanico nailed him in the balls)
2. Cien Caras/Universo 2000/Black Warrior vs. Perro Aguayo/Mr. Niebla/Atlantis (Best 2/3)
-Momentos Estelares
3. Dr. Wagner/Shocker/Scorpio Jr. vs. El Santo/Emilio Charles/Tarzan Boy (Best 2/3. Wagner wins the match for his team after a Michinoku Driver II on El Santo. Not that bad of a match)

CMLL TV 11-28-00 1st Gen EX 20 mins
1. Apollo Dantes/Cien Caras/Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Universo 2000 vs. Villano III/Perro Aguayo/Tarzan Boy/Emilio Charles Jr. (Once again, Tarzan Boy and Emilio Charles Jr. do NOT help their team. At one point, the rudos go after just Tarzan Boy and Charles, but they escape, leaving Villano III and Aguayo to take on four guys. Aguayo bleeds pretty nicely, too)

CMLL TV 12-5-00 1st Gen EX 1hr 7 mins
1. Apollo Dantes/Bestia Salvaje/Scorpio Jr. vs. Emilio Charles Jr/Tony Rivera/Villano V (Emilio doesn't help his team again... He finally gets brought into the ring and after being beat on, rolls out, but his teammates keep rolling him back in. Salvaje does one of those Hardy Boyz type top rope flips and almost kills himself getting the win via pinfall)
-Meeting with CMLL officials about the booking of the Perro Aguayo vs. Cien Caras match at the PPV on 12/15/2000
2. Satanico/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Hijo De El Santo/Tarzan Boy/Negro Casas
-Momentos Estelares
-A piece on Rayo De Jalisco Jr. with a little boy, who I presume was Rayo Jr. watching a wrestling match between Rayo De Jalisco and El Santo. I didn't understand it all. I guess that Jalisco is retiring?
-Ceremony honoring Rayo Jr's career, but is interrupted when a mariachi band, who was Caras/Mascara/Universo, smashed their guitars over Villano III, Aguayo, and Jaliso Jr.
3. Rayo De Jalisco Jr./Villano III/Perro Aguayo vs. Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 2000/Universo 2000

CMLL TV 12-19-00 1st Gen EX 1hr
1. Scorpio Jr/Fuerza Guerrera/Blue Panther vs. Villano III/Villano IV/Brazo De Plata
2. Cien Caras/Apollo Dantes/Mascara Ano 2000/Universo 2000 vs. Atlantis/Rayo De Jalisco Jr/Gigante Silva
-Momentos Estelares
-El Santo is in the ring inside of a gym showing Negro Casas how to irish whip someone and break his opponents arm in the process. Tarzan Boy comes over and gives Santo and Casas some words to live by
3. Satanico/Ultimo Guerrero/Ray Bucanero vs. Hijo Del Santo/Tarzan Boy/Negro Casas

CMLL TV 12-26-00 1st Gen EX 45 mins
1. Virus vs. Ricky Marvin (c.) (EMLL Lightweight Title. This is an awesome match. Virus does a middle rope inverted powerbomb on Marvin that is just fantastic. Match has a ton of high spots and counters, with Marvin getting the victory after two straight dropkicks to the knee, followed up by a La Majistral)
2. Blue Panther/Gran Markus Jr/Universo 2000/Mascara Ano 2000 vs. Brazo De Plata/Rayo De Jalisco Jr/Gigante Silva

CMLL TV 1-2-01 1st Gen EX 58 mins
1. Los Villanos vs. Black Warrior/Blue Panther/Dr. Wagner Jr. (Villano III bleeds a gusher and gets his blood on just about everyone in the ring)
2. Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 2000/Universo 2000 vs. Brazo De Plata/Mr. Niebla/Atlantis
-Momentos Estelares
3. Tarzan Boy vs. Satanico

CMLL TV 1-9-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 5mins
1. Doctor X/Fuerza Guerrera/Rencor Latino vs. Tony Rivera/Felino/Mascara Magica
2. Cien Caras/Mascara Ano Dos 2000/Universo 2000 vs. Negro Casas/Tarzan Boy/Atlantis
3. Los Villanos III, IV, & V vs. Blue Panther/Black Warrior/Dr. Wagner Jr. (c.) (EMLL Six-Man Tag Titles. Awesome match!)

CMLL TV 1-20-01 1st Gen EX 1hr
-Footage of Villano V's knee injury with an interview with his doctor
1. Violencia/Universo 2000/Cien Caras vs. Villano IV/Villano III/Brazo De Plata
2. Black Warrior/Fuerza Guerrera/Satanico vs. El Olimpico/Felino/Lizmark Jr.
3. Ultimo Guerrero/Ray Bucanero/Tarzan Boy vs. Mr. Niebla/Atlantis/Negro Casas

CMLL TV 1-30-01 1st Gen EX  1hr 5mins
1. Universo 2000/Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 2000 vs. Tinieblas Jr./VIllano III/Villano IV
2. Shocker/Bestia Salvaje/Scorpio Jr. vs. Negro Casas/Hijo Del Santo/Emilio Charles Jr.
3. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Atlantis (Awesome match! ***1/2)

CMLL TV 2-6-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 5mins
1. Cien Caras/Satanico/Mascara Ano 2000 vs. Tinieblas Jr/Ringo Mendoza/Mano Negra
2. Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero/Violencia vs. Lizmark Jr/Olimpico/Mr. Niebla
-Momentos Estelares
3. Emilio Charles Jr/Scorpio Jr/Bestia Salvaje vs. Villano III/Negro Casas/Atlantis

CMLL TV 2-13-01 1st Gen EX 1hr 5mins
1. Mascara Ano 2000/Cien Caras/Apollo Dantes vs. Hijo Del Lizmark/El Olimpico/Mr. Niebla
2. Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero/Rencor Latino vs. Black Warrior/Satanico/Fuerza Guerrera

Momentos Estelares-

Painful - Virus with a tope atomico
Admirable - Nuetron with a good no-hands tope con giro
Tope - Volador Jr with a rather weak tope
Sensational - Starman and Tigre Blanco with simultaneous over the post somersault dives
Combination - Lizmark Jr/Olimpico/Mr. Niebla with three tope suicidas

3. Emilio Charles Jr/Scorpio Jr/Bestia Salvaje vs. Negro Casas/Atlantis/VIllano III

CMLL TV 8.7.01 1st Gen EX 47mins
-Momentos Estelares
1. Virus/Valentin Rey Mayo/Mr. Mexico vs. Ricky Marvin/Mascara Magica/Solar I
2. Black Warrior/Shocker/Blue Panther vs. El Santo Jr/Mr. Niebla/Negro Casas

CMLL TV 8.14.01 1st Gen EX 56mins
1. Universo 2000/Cien Caras/Apollo Dantes/Mascara Ano Dos Mil vs. Rayo De Jalisco Jr/Brazo De Plata/Gigante Silva
2. Bestia Salvaje/Scorpio Jr/Emilio Charles vs. Villano IV/Villano V/Villano III
3. Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero (c.) vs.Satanico/Alverno (CMLL Tag Team Titles)