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All Japan/New Japan Classics Various ?Gen VG 6hrs

1. Giant Baba/Mighty Inoue/Takashi Ishikawa vs. Rusher Kimura/Ashura Hara/Goro Tsurumi
2. The Great Kabuki vs. Killer Khan
3. Genichiro Tenryu/Giant Baba vs. Terry Gordy/Buddy Roberts (AWA)
4. Harley Race vs. Jumbo Tsuruta


5. Stan Hansen vs. Antonio Inoki
6. Ken Patera vs. Antonio Inoki
7. Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Antonio Inoki
8. Antonio Inoki/Riki Chosyu vs. Hulk Hogan/Paul Orndorff
9. Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Dusty Rhodes


10. Giant Kamala vs. ???
11. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Curt Hennig
12. Ric Flair vs. Rick Martel (NWA/AWA Titles. Great match!)
13. British Bulldogs vs. Ted Dibiase/Stan Hansen
14. Nick Bockwinkel/Curt Hennig vs. Genichiro Tenryu/Jumbo Tsuruta
15. Harley Race/??? Hall vs. Dory Funk Jr/Giant Baba


16. Paul Orndorff vs. Akira Maeda
17. Killer Khan vs. Akira Maeda
18. Antonio Inoki vs. Akira Maeda
19. Hulk Hogan vs. Akira Maeda
-Abdullah The Butcher/Antonio Inoki confrontation
20. Stan Hansen/Bobby Duncum vs. Antonio Inoki/Riki Chosyu
21. Antonio Inoki/Dusty Rhodes vs. Hulk Hogan/Stan Hansen

ALL JAPAN CLASSICS TV  3rd & 4th Gen VG-EX 7hrs 21mins
Episode #47:
1. Ric Flair vs. Bruiser Brody (February 11th, 1983, Saint Louis, MO. 2/3 Falls NWA Title 60:00 DRAW!: The original footage is a little less than perfect and you can see very minor faults on certain camera angles. Totally watchable however, and very enjoyable.
2. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Hercules Hernandez (January 7th, 1983)
3. Jimmy Garvin vs. David Von Erich (June 17th, 1983, Fort Worth, TX. WCCW Texas Title)
4. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Tommy Rich (February 25th, 1983. UN Title)
5. Tommy Rich vs. The Great Kabuki (March 2nd, 1983)
Episode #58:
1. Dory Funk Jr. vs. Stan Hansen (April 26th, 1984. At the end of the match, Bruiser Brody comes out from what seems to be nowhere, and annihilates Dory with Hansen's help. Awesome!)
2. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Rick Martel (May 13th, 1984, St. Paul, MN. AWA World Title)
3. Stan Hansen vs. Giant Baba (July 31st, 1984. PWF Title)
4. Harley Race vs. Ric Flair (May 22nd, 1984)
5. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Kerry Von Erich (This is the infamous match where Jumbo goes nuts and starts stomping Kerry's hand therefore making him unable to execute the discus punch. I'll bet this was good old Fritz's plan as his son would drop the NWA Title to Flair only two days later (ON THE NEXT TAPE! Episode #59). Word has it that Fritz talked about Kerry's loss on WCCW TV as if he'd been screwed by the Japanese ref and Jumbo himself!
Episode #59:
1. Kerry Von Erich v. Ric Flair (May 24th, 1984. NWA Title change)
2. Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody v. Giant Baba/Dory Funk Jr. (August 26th, 1984. PWF Tag Title)
3. Great Kabuki v. Umanoseke Ueda (June 5th, 1984)
4. Tiger Mask II (Misawa) v. La Fiera: (August 26th, 1984. This is Mitsuharu Misawa's debut as Tiger Mask. Watch as La Fiera seems to kill himself on more than one ocassion.)
5. Terry Gordy v. Jumbo Tsuruta (October 29th, 1984. INT'L Title)
Episode #65:
1. British Bulldogs vs Tiger Mask II/Mighty Inoue (11.30.85)
2. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Terry Gordy/Art Crews (10.22.85)
3. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. The Road Warriors (10.19.85)
4. Stan Hansen vs. Rick Martel (12.29.85. AWA World Title. First 5 minutes are clipped, and the rest of complete)
5. Road Warriors vs. Genichiro Tenryu/Jumbo Tsuruta (10.21.85)
6. Mil Mascaras vs. Norio Honaga (10.22.85)
7. Ric Flair vs. Jumbo Tsuruta (10.19.85. Non-Title)
8. Dynamite Kid vs. Tiger Mask II (11.27.85)
9. Ric Flair/Rick Martel vs. Genichiro Tenryu/Jumbo Tsuruta (10.22.85. One day after their historic title vs title match, Flair and Martel team up for what is maybe the only time two reigning world champs have teamed together)

Note: All matches are finishes unless otherwise noted
1980 Real World Tag League:
-Opening Ceremonies
1. Abdullah the Butcher/Tor Kamata vs. Ricky Steamboat/Dick Slater (11.28.80)
2. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. The Sheik/Great Mephisto (11.28.80)
3. Nick Bockwinkle/Jim Brunzell vs. Billy Robinson/Les Thorton (12.5.80)
4. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Nick Bockwinkle/Jim Brunzell (12.9.80)
5. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Abdullah the Butcher/Tor Kamata (12.9.80)
6. Abdullah the Butcher/Tor Kamata vs. The Sheik/Great Mephisto (12.11.80)
7. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta (12.11.80. FINALS. Full match)
1981 Real World Tag League:
1. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Genichiro Tenryu/Ashura Hara (11.30.81)
2. Larry Hennig/Harley Race vs. The Sheik/Mark Lewin (12.13.81)
3. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Umanosuke Ueda (12.13.81)
4. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Bruiser Brody/Jimmy Snuka (12.13.81. FINALS. Full match)
1982 Real World Tag League:
-Opening Ceremonies (Brody and Hansen start the yearly brawl)
1. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Umanosuke Ueda/Super Destroyer (11.26.82)
2. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen vs. Ricky Steamboat/Jay Youngblood (11.26.82)
3. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Ricky Steamboat/Jay Youngblood (12.2.82)
4. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen vs. Harley Race/Dick Slater (12.2.82)
5. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Harley Race/Dick Slater (12.9.82)
6. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen vs. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta (12.9.82)
7. Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Harley Race/Dick Slater (12.13.82)
8. Terry Funk/Dory Funk Jr. vs. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen (12.13.82. FINALS. Full match)

Drakkhim's ALL JAPAN COMPILATION VG-EX 7hr 30mins
*This was made by Drakkhim to show me the wonderful world of All Japan Pro Wrestling and is truely awesome
1. Real World Tag League 77-79
2. Real World Tag League 89-91
3. Kenta Kobashi v Stan Hansen (7.29.93)
4. Kobashi/Kikichi/Misawa v Steve Williams/Tracy Smothers/Joel Deaton
5. Kenta Kobashi v Steve Wiliams (8.31.93...Awesome Stiff ***** match)
6. Misawa/Kobashi v Kawada/Taue (5.21.94...Double Tag Titles *****)
7. Misawa v Kawada (1.22.99. New Years Giant Series 1999)
8. Vader v Kobashi (1.15.99 New Years Giant Series 1999)
9. Masahito Kakihara v Yoshinari Ogawa (1.15.99 New Years Giant Series 1999)

All Japan Commercial 4.18.92 FAN APPRECIATION DAY 92 4th Gen VG-EX 1hr 45mins
1. Dan Kroffat/Doug Furnas vs. Master Blaster/David Isley(JIP)
2. Mighty Inoue vs. Satoru Asako
3. Giant Baba/Rusher Kimura v. Haruk Eigen/Motoshi Okuma
4. Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada/Kenta Kobashi/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Jumbo Tsuruta/Rusher Kimura/Masa Fuchi/Yoshinari Ogawa (Elimination match that goes 67:00 minutes!)

All Japan Commercial 9.3.94 3rd Gen EX 1hr
1. Kenta Kobashi vs. Steve Williams (c.) (Triple Crown)

All Japan New Years Giant Series 97 ? Gen

All Japan October Giant Series 1998 2nd Gen EX 2hr+
1. Mitsuharu Misawa/Takao Omori vs. Kenta Kobashi/Jinsei Shinzaki (Clip showing Kobashi pinning Misawa with the "Burning Hammer," which one of the most sickest and devasting moves that I've ever seen)
2. Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi (Triple Crown. This is my favorite match between Kobashi and Misawa. Both wrestlers execute almost all of their finishers. Misawa executes the Rolling Elbow, Tiger Driger, Tiger Driver off of the ring apron, and the Tiger Driver '91. Kobashi executes the Lariat, Orange Crush, Corner Powerbomb, and attempts two Burning Hammers. *****)
3. Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue vs. Jun Akiyama/Kenta Kobashi (Double Tag Titles)
4. Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Jinsei Shinzaki

-Vignette of Misawa training. Kind've cool. Reminds me of the training sessions that would be shown of Steamboat when he feuded with Flair
1. Vader (c.) vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (Triple Crown)
-Vader interview
-Mitsuharu Misawa interview
-Giant Baba retirement ceremony with Bruno Sammartino, The Destroyer, and Gene Kiniski
-Yoshinari Ogawa interview
-Great Sasuke interview
2. Yoshinari Ogawa/Masahito Kakihara/Maunakea Mossman vs Great Sasuke/Tiger Mask IV/ Hayabusa (Note: Sasuke comes to the ring with his IWGP belt. The announcers go nuts)
3. Rusher Kimura/Masao Inoue/Mitsuo Momota vs Giant Kimala 2/Jun Izumida/Haruka Eigen
4. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi/Masamichi Marufuji vs Gran Naniwa/Makoto Hashi
5. Kenta Kobashi/Jun Akiyama/Jinsei Shinzaki vs Road Warriors/Johnny Ace
6. Toshiaki Kawada vs Hiroshi Hase
7. Johnny Smith/Tamon Honda/Masanobu Fuchi vs Gedo/Koji Nakagawa/Yukihiro Kanemura
8. Stan Hansen/Steve Williams/Akira Taue vs Gary Albright/Takao Omoro/Yoshihiro Takayama
9. Yoshinobu Kanemaru/Kentaro Shiga vs Satoru Asako/Takeshi Morishima